Work Experience

Work Experience 12A: Students are required to complete 90 hours of work placement outside the school, plus 30 hours in school, over their grade 10, 11 and 12 years. This work experience gives students a chance to explore careers of interest to them. The course is also outside the student's regular timetable. Students will be evaluated in consultation with the employer and the student.

Career Prep Programs give students the opportunity to develop interests in career areas of their choice. Students must complete an Application Form (available from the office or their counselor) prior to enrolling in a Career Preparation Program. The programs offered at Sardis Secondary School are as follows:

Program Focus Area Teacher Room
Aboriginal Health and Human Services Sheldon Nickel C111
Agriculture Science and Applied Science Joe Massie C217
Applied Science Science and Applied Science Paul Bernard C218
Business Management Business and Applied Business Darren Watt B208
Computer Technology Trades and Technology John Murtha C212
Construction Trades and Technology Ryan Goodman F112
Drafting Trades and Technology Chad Hipwell F115
Entrepreneur Business and Applied Business Bryan Kuhn C210
Fashion Design Fine Arts, Design and Media Dale Geck E107
Fine Arts Fine Arts, Design and Media Courtney Dalton C123
Foods / Cook Training Hospitality and Foods Donna Frost G102
Health and Fitness Fitness and Recreation   C123
Human Services Health and Human Services All counsellors Office
Leadership Health and Human Services Shasha White E120
Mechanics Trades and Technology Ryan Goodman F102
Media Broadcasting Fine Arts, Design and Media Manfred Braun E120
Metal Trades and Technology Darren Purych F107
P.E. Leadership Fitness and Recreation Allison Fitzsimmons Gym
Tourism Tourism, Hospitality and Foods Jen Long B222