Welcome to Falcon Athletics for 2021/22

We are very excited to announce a full return to competitive athletics this year at Sardis Secondary! We fully expect to run a full slate of athletic teams in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.

Please watch this page, and the athletic hallway whiteboard (outside the main gym doors between the washrooms) for try-out dates and times. For some teams, they will only be practice announcements as try-outs are not necessary. This page also many not be regularly updated so students should listen to the daily school announcements as well. 

BC School Sports has mandated, for Covid safety, that masks will be required at all times during indoor extra-curricular sports for everyone except players while competing or strenuous practicing. 

Coaches and players are urged to continue regularly cleaning equipment and sanitizing hands during practice and competition. 

Please challenge your athletic fears, after a year of no competition, and represent your school and play with your friends while you have the opportunity! See you on the field, or the court, or the pool etc.....


Brad Geary, Kyle Graves, Dave Shepherd


Sardis Athletic Directors


Fall Teams and Try-Out Times - 2021/22

Girls Field Hockey – Head Coach Michelle Savich - Staff Sponsor-Lori Christensen - First Practice Thurs, Sept. 9/21 from 3:45-5PM at Townsend Turf A and Tuesday Sept. 14th from 3:30-5PM. (No stick needed). All Grades

Swim Team – Head Coaches Mr. Sandberg and Mr. Shepherd - First Practice Friday, Sept. 10/21 at 6AM at Cheam Pool. All Grades
Sr. Girls Volleyball – Head Coach - Alyssa Henry - Asst. Coach - Mackenzie Henry - Teacher Sponsor - Mrs. Moore - Try-outs (Gr.11/12 only) are Friday, Sept. 10/21 from 5-7PM and Monday. Sept. 13th from 4:30-6PM
Sr. Boys Volleyball – Head Coach Mr. Hagerman
Jr. Girls Volleyball – Head Coach - Shane Hennessy - Teacher Sponsor - Mr. Massie- Try-outs for all Grade 9's and 10's start Friday, Sept. 10/21 from 3-5PM and Monday, Sept. 13th from 3-4:30 and Tues, Sept.14th 3-4:30
Jr. Boys Volleyball – Head Coach - Keith O'Claire - Teacher Sponsor - Mr. Gamble
Gr. 9 Girls Volleyball – Head Coach - Shane Hennessy  - Staff Sponsor is Amber Ellert 

Cross Country – Head coaches are Mr. Hipwell and Mr. Lewis
Football – Head Coach is Sukh Parmar, Assistant Coaches - Mike Picken, Sean Douglas, Suresh Parray, Derrick Gibson, Colten Derouin, Shane Claridge, Ben Thomas. Trainer is Sandra Peterson. Web-site - Kim Douglas
Jr. Boys Soccer – No Team
Sr. Boys Soccer – Head Coach is Mr. Calver 

Special thanks to Mr. Shepherd and Mr. Graves for volunteer overseeing of distribution of all uniforms.

Please take the time to thank these coaches for shouldering these volunteer responsibilities during a very busy start-up to the year.


Camp Extra Mile Information - Strength Training for Sardis Students On Any Athletic Team

You must sign-up in the school office in the binder prior to the first day of each rotation. Space is limited!

Currently accepting registrations for the first rotation only. If you sign up for a rotation, you must make a heroic effort to attend all sessions (except for illness).

-Rotation 1 – 6 weeks

                              -Sept 20th, 22, 27, 29 with 2 trainers

                              -Oct 4, 6, 13, 14, 18, 20, 25, 27 with 1 trainer


           -Rotation 2 – 5 weeks

                              -Nov 15th, 17th, 22, 24 with 2 trainers

                              -Nov 29, Dec 1, 6, 8, 13, 15 with 1 trainer


               -Rotation 3 – 6 weeks

                              -Jan 10th, 12th, 17th, 19th with 2 trainers

                              -Jan 24, 26, 31, Feb 2, 7, 9, 14, 16 with 1 trainer


               -Rotation 4 – 6 weeks

                              -April 4, 6, 11, 13 with 2 trainers

                              -April 19, 20, 25, 27, May 2, 4, 9, 11 with 1 trainer



Winter Sports 2019/20 
1. Field Lacrosse - Head Coach Mr. Heisler. Assistant is Mr. Grenier.
2. Curling - Co- Head Coaches - Mr. Hetland and Mr. Robinson
3. Sr. Boys Basketball - Head Coach - Mr. Smith and Assistant Coach Trevin Rogers
4. Jr. Boys Basketball - Head Coach is Mr. Graves
5. Gr. 9 Boys Basketball - Head Coach is Harv Adrian
6. Sr. Girls Basketball - Head Coach is Ms. Graves and Assistant is Mr. DeBruyn.
7. Jr. Girls Basketball - Head Coach is Mr. Smith and Assistant is Mr. Tagle.
8. Gr. 9 Girls Basketball - Head Coach is Mr. Allanson. 

2018/19 Senior Girls and Boys Basketball Schedule


2019/2020 Spring Sports

Team Head Coach Teacher Contact
Senior Girls Soccer Mr. Tagle      Assistant is Mr. Calver
Senior Boys Rugby Rob Leetch Assistant is Mr. Sutcliffe.
Junior Boys Rugby Mr. Sutcliffe
Girls Rugby Mr. Purych
Track and Field Mr. Hipwell Co-Head Coach is Mr. Lewis, Mr. Sandberg and Mr. Geary are Assts
Ice Hockey Mr. Grenier       Assistant is Mr. Heisler
Golf Mr. MacIsaac      Assistant is Mr. Logan
Junior Girls Soccer Ms. Diaz            Assistant is Mr. Calver and Mr. Tagle


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