Sept 21 Office

Book your grad photo appointment 

Oct. 06 -15 Stage

Grad Photos (No photos on Oct 10 and 11)

Dec. 10 Office

Career Life Connections are due

Feb. 10/11 Online

Grad Photo Retakes

Feb 28 Office

Grad Commencement Form Due

Mar 14 - Apr 14 Online Grad Cruise Permission forms and tickets available to purchase on Student Quickpay
Mar 14 - Apr 14 Online Guest Applications for Grad Cruise available

Apr 4 - May 13


All grads will receive four complimentary tickets for commencement. 

Additional tickets are available for purchase on Student Quickpay from Apr. 4 - May 13 at a cost of $7 per ticket.  There will be no refunds.

You must have a ticket to be admitted entrance to the Coliseum.

Apr 4 - May 27 Online

Guest applications for Banquet and Dance available

April 4 - May 27


Grad Banquet and Dance Permission forms and tickets available to purchase on Student Quickpay 


April 4- May 17

Online Book your banquet and dance table with 9 friends at  Must have purchased tickets to be placed at a table. 
April 28 Online

Grad Cruise

May 6 Online

Deadline for requesting extra tickets for commencement. There will be no refunds. 

May ? Online Sale of Coliseum box suites - if you have purchased additional tickets, you will be refunded. 
May 25/26 Falcon's Nest

Awards Evening invitations - pick up at the Falcon's Nest

May 27 Office

Guest applications for Banquet and Dance are due 

May 27 Office

Last Day to buy Banquet and Dance tickets 

May 30 - June 3 Office

Distribution of commencement, grad banquet and dance, dry grad tickets at the office. 

June 7 Southside Church Awards Night at 6:00 pm (award winners are given an invitation)
June 8 SSS Pit area

Distribution of grad gowns @ 2:45 pm

June 10 Coliseum Grad Rehearsal at 8:35 am (students bussed from and back to SSS)
June 10 Coliseum

Commencement at 6:00 pm (grads to be there by 5:00 pm)


Banquet/Dance at 5:00 - 10:00 pm. You need to be at the school by 4pm to board busses. (All transportation to and from the event is by bus ONLY

June 22 Landing Sports Center Dry Grad at 11:00 pm - 5:00 am