logoThe School Community Garden (SCG) is a division of the Sardis Secondary School Farm. Members of this garden come from neighboring elementary schools. In the 2015-2016 school year teachers from nine schools came together to collaborate about the development of the SCG, together they named it,

Plots of Learning: A Place to Grow.

Four of the nine schools created the first SCG garden (50’ X 100’) with their classes. The students were involved in name selection for the SCG, bed construction, seed planting, watering and weeding, as well as, the harvesting of early crops.site plan

The 201Elementary5-2016 SCG was planting in mid – spring. Students from different schools would come on different days to manage the above tasks. At times the Sardis Secondary students were also at the farm which provided some time for mentoring. High school students would work with elementary students working together to complete tasks and learn about food production.

Through the summer of 2016 students and teachers harvested food from the SCG. In the 2016-2017 new classes will return to the garden to see what the class before started and start to think about how they too will develop a garden for the next generation. 

SD33 schools involved:

Collaboration 2015-16:                                           Plots of Learning: 
A Place to Grow 2015-Present:

Promontory Elementary                              Promontory Elementary
Sardis Elementary                                      Sardis Elementary
Strathcona Elementary                                Tyson Elementary 
Unsworth Elementary                                  Watson Elementary
Vedder Elementary
Watson Elementary
Yarrow Elementary
Vedder Middle School
Sardis Secondary School