Sardis Secondary School has joined forces with community partners to offer skills development programs for secondary school girls and boys who have a passion for hockey. These are unique opportunities for secondary students, of any skill level, to develop sport specific skills in grades 9 – 12 while developing their own viable post-secondary transition plan.  The goals of the program include the promotion of healthy lifestyles and an emphasis on academic achievement.

In particular, the learning outcomes of the programs include:

  • Improved skills and fitness levels
  • supported academic achievement
  • engaged students in learning through relevant learning experiences
  • improved personal management and teamwork skills that are transferrable to students’ careers
  • improved leadership, commitment, confidence, persistence, responsibility, adaptability and integrity
  • challenge to students academically, physically and mentally with practical sport specific training; and
  • development of a viable post-secondary transition plan.

Goals and learning outcomes are practical and applicable to life well beyond the high school level, and emphasize the development of personalized post-secondary plans that require ongoing adjustments reflective of the student’s stage of skill development.