• Date:  April 28, 2022

  • Time:  TBD

  • Cost:  $95.00

  • Location:  Harbour Cruises

Applications for the Grad Cruise will need to be approved by Administration, and it is not guaranteed that applications will be approved.   As the Grad Cruise is a social event of the grade 12 year, school administration has a responsibility to ensure that all guests in attendance will conduct themselves appropriately, be respectful to all other graduates and guests, and comply with requests/follow direction from school staff. 

Please note:

  • All guests must be a secondary student (grades 10-12) from the Chilliwack School District. 
  • All guests will be required to have a character reference from an SD#33 school principal or vice-principal. 
  • For all grad functions outside of the City of Chilliwack, transportation will be provided by the School District, and it is expected that the guest will use the provided transportation.