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To help students understand online education, this Online Learning Guidebook includes a detailed breakdown of online learning methods and technologies, as well as information on how to identify quality online schools or programs. This guide was created to help students of all ages (high school, college and university age) learn more effectively online.  This guide looks at Khan Academy, Coursera and MIT OpenCourse specifically, and includes advice and keys to success from a panel of online learning experts.

CHILLIWACK YOUTH HEALTH CENTRE IS OPEN - The centre has a drop-in, first come first serve basis model for one on one counselling for youth in our community ages 12-26.  The centre is open every Wednesday from 9:00am-5:00pm at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre adjacent the Chilliwack Secondary School.  For any further information please call or email at: or 604-819-4603

Education and Career Planning Courses at Central Gateway - these courses are offered ONLY at Central Gateway in Chilliwack - not on campus.

Provincial Examinations Calendar - provides the most up-to-date information on the upcoming exam schedule

Chilliwack - Youth as Gatekeepers, in partnership with MCFD Child and Youth Mental Health Chilliwack and Chilliwack School District #33, seeks to prepare all students, in the Chilliwack area, for difficult conversations as they spontaneously arise; to become literate in mental health (MH) matters, recognize signs and symptoms of MH concerns, assist in reducing MH stigma, and be aware of who to talk to when MH concerns present themselves (in peers or themselves).

Small groups of interested youth (supervised by a facilitator) will develop their leadership skills by creating a MH presentation.  The presentation will mirror their personalities and passions, and will share the MH information with other students in their schools and surrounding community.

Our goal is that every young person be equipped to know what to do and who to go to if someone they know is struggling.

There are group facilitators stationed at each secondary school.  Their roles are to educate, equip, and foster leadership skills amongst students involved in the program - to provide the tools necessary to collaboratively raise awareness about mental health.  If there are any questions please feel free to contact your SSS counsellor.

Operation X - The Straight Goods on "E"

Nine Bad Habits that Can Steal Your Sleep

Seven Foods that Help You Get a Better Sleep

Children/Teen Grief Support Group  The Chilliwack Hospice Society is offering after school grief support groups for children/teens who have experienced the death of a family member or friend or have someone close to them dying.

Options for Sexual Health Clinics - Confidential unbiased & non-judgmental services open to all ages

Meadow Rose Pregnancy Help Center Society - helping with the emotional, physical and practical needs of pregnancy and parenting.  (604) 392-1132 or (604) 845-5432 also on Facebook.

Go to to find out about events and training regarding children and youth in Chilliwack.  Press the SUBSCRIBE button in black on the side of your screen.  Take a minute to fill in the required fields and voila!!!!  You will have a message sent to your e-mail as soon as events are posted to the site.  Take a few minutes and surf around the site.  Let us know what you think!!!  There is an option on the site to leave your comments.

Check this link that gives information regarding a new App for Youth with Anxiety.  Mindshift is a collaboration between Anxiety BC and BC Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Chilliwack Child and Youth Mental Health Intake Clinic

The centre has a drop-in, first come first serve basis model for one on one counselling for youth in our community ages 12-26.  The centre is open every Tuesday from 1:00pm-7:00pm at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre adjacent the Chilliwack Secondary School.  

In addition, the drop-in/no referral Medical clinic component of the Chilliwack Youth Health Centre has opened their doors and are operating on Tuesdays as well from 2pm-5pm at the Stolo Nation Health Centre at 7201 Vedder Road. For any further information please call or email at: or 604-819-4603


Opportunities for students to do their Work Experience with Fraser health throughout the school year.  Click here for more information.


Anxiety is like your body’s smoke alarm – if there is a fire you want it to be going off…if there isn’t then it’s just concerning and can get in the way of every day life.  How can you turn off your smoke alarm if it’s going off when there is no fire?

Check out OR the mindshift ap for facts and practical tools to help

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