Financial Awards Group 2


Financial Awards – Group 2 - Due February 25, 2020

Winners are selected by the sponsoring individuals or organizations. Some of these awards use the SD33 Awards Application, while others require a Custom Application Form and additional attachments.

  1. Print the Group 2 Financial Awards Checklist. Check off the awards you are applying for and indicate any affiliation on the line provided.
  2. Open the award descriptions and decide which awards to apply for by carefully reading the criteria on both lists. These lists have been divided by the type of application required.

Group 2 Financial Award Descriptions Using SD33 Awards Application Form
Group 2 Financial Award Descriptions Using Custom Application Form


  1. Complete either the SD 33 Awards Application or the Custom Application Form for EACH award. Please note that not all organizations update their custom application forms annually, but the application is still valid. A Word version of the SD 33 Awards Application form titled "!!! SD33 Application 2020" is available on Student Share. The Word version will allow you to expand the fields to provide more information.
  2. EACH award package will include the following (stapled):
    • Application (SD33 or custom as required)
    • Student Reference Letters - 3 maximum, 2 minimum (keep the originals and submit photocopies).
    • Student Budget Form 
    • Transcript
    • Additional attachments such as essays, only if requested on the application.
  3. Double check that you have used the correct application using the Group 2 Financial Awards Checklist, Awards using the SD33 Awards Application form are marked with a ‘*’ on the checklist to assist you in double checking that you have used the correct application for each award.
  4. Place all completed, stapled application packages in one pile and organize them in alphabetical order.
  5. Place the Group 2 Financial Awards Checklist on top of your stack of applications.


           ***Do NOT add any additional documents, letters, photos, etc to your Group 2 Awards application packages unless requested as part of the custom application.
                Any documents not required will be removed from your package and shredded.

          ***DO NOT use envelopes, folders, duo tangs or page protectors.

          ***Incomplete or late applications will not be considered under any circumstances.