Financial Awards Group 1


Financial Awards – Group 1 - Due February 11, 2021
           The link to submit the application will be provided one week before the due date.

Winners are selected by a committee of teachers, counsellors and administrators at the school level and announced at the Awards Ceremony in June.


  1. Open the Grade 12 - Grad 2021 Information Team
  2. Click 'Files' at the top of the page.
  3. Click SD33 Standard Application to open.
  4. Save a word version of the application.
  5. Look through the Group 1 Financial Award Descriptions and decide which awards you are eligible to apply for based on the individual requirements.
  6. Open the SD33 Standard Application and check off the boxes beside the the awards you will be applying for. 
  7. Complete the the SD33 Standard Application. 
    • A Sample Career Statement is available here.
    • A Sample Activities Resume is available here.
    • A Sample Budget Worksheet is available here
    • Optional - a Special Circumstances Letter is available here
    • Optional - if you are applying for a scholarship that requires an essay, page down to a new page at the end of the application and use this space to type your essay. Please include the name of the scholarship the essay is for and your name and student number on this page.
  8. Be sure to note any affiliation/membership related to particular scholarships in the area provided.
  9. DO NOT attach a transcript, report card, certificates, photos or reference letters to your application package. Any documents not required above will be removed from your package and shredded.
  10. Once you have completed your package, save it as a pdf - instructions here.
  11. To submit your application:
    • Open the Grade 12 - Grad 2021 Information Team
    • Click the link posted in the comments section. You will be directed to a Share Point folder.
    • Follow the instructions at the top of the page.

                                           Incomplete or late applications will not be considered
                                                                    under any circumstances.