As of April 15th:

1) The current entrance closest to the school will become an entrance for busses and delivery vehicles only. (In the attached picture, this is highlighted in red.)

2) The current main exit by the fence will now become the student/staff/visitor entrance.  There will be two lanes with the one lane closest to the school accommodating the dropoff/pickup area.  There is a lane right next to the tennis courts that will also be for student pickup/dropoff. (Highlighted in a baby blue colour.)

3) The new and only exit will be the far east exit.  No vehicles will be able to enter here in the morning after April 29th.  There will be two lanes - one to turn left and one to turn right. (The driveway is highlighted in blue.)

4) Student parking is at a premium!  To accommodate staff, visitors and construction workers there are only 118 student stalls.  These are marked with signs and highlighted in yellow on the attached map.) There is one stall (a larger one) closest to the greenhouse that we will be asking students with motorcycles to use.