Welcome to Falcon Athletics for 2018/19

This is an exciting year as we now have Grades 9-12. This is going to further strengthen our already strong athletic programs.

*****Grade 9’s – please conquer your fear and go out for as many teams as you are interested in. You will have a great school experience if you are widely involved in teams and clubs at our school.

We are planning to have 11 school teams this Fall!!!!

They are:

Grade 9 Girls Volleyball – First practice/tryout is Monday September 10th from 3-4:15. 2nd Practice/tryout is Wednesday September 12th from 3-4:15. ****Please note that Grade 9 girls are welcome to try-out for the junior team which is Grade 9 and 10. See Junior Girls below. Thank you to Jacky Kwan for coaching.

Junior Girls Volleyball

     3rd Tryout: Tuesday September 11th: 7-8:30pm

Sr. Girls Volleyball

     First Tryout - 4:15-5:30pm Tuesday, September 11th

     Second Tryout - 4:15-5:30pm   Wednesday, September 12th

Junior Boys Volleyball

     Tryout: Thursday Sept 13th from 3-4:15

     Tryout: Monday Sept 17th from 3-4:15

Senior Boys Volleyball – Try-outs are Monday, Sept 10th, 4:15-5:30pm and Tues Sept. 11th 3-4:15. Only boys in Grades 11 and 12 are permitted to try out for this team.

Girls Field Hockey - This sport is open to all girls in Grades 9-12. The team will probably be playing in the Sr. league. Please do not hesitate to come out for this team as there will likely be no cuts. No experience necessary.                    Re-start Monday September 10th and 3:30. Then Tuesday and Thursday.  Players are responsible for funding their own way to Townsend Park. Thanks to Ms. Savich for coaching.

Junior Boys Soccer – First try-outs are Wed. Sept 12th and Thurs. Sept 13th at 3PM on the track in-field. Junior is both Grade 9 and 10. Thanks to Mr. DiPasquale for coaching.

Sr. Boys Soccer – Will try-out at the same time as the Junior team above. Thanks to Mr. Calver for coaching.

Swim Team - Will be practicing at 6am on Friday mornings at the Cheam Center starting Sept 7. Open to all Grades, boys and girls.

Cross Country Team - First practice Tuesday September 11th. Second practice date will be Thursday September 13th. Meet outside the weight room door.

2018/2019 Winter Sports

Team Head Coach Teacher Contact
Jn Boys Basketball    
Sn Boys Basketball    
Jn Girls Basketball    
Sn Girls Basketball    
Field Lacrosse Mr. Heisler

2018/2019 Spring Sports

Team Head Coach Teacher Contact
Girls Soccer Mr. Tagle
Senior Boys Rugby Rob Leetch  
Junior Boys Rugby Mr. Sutcliffe
Girls Rugby Mr. Purych
Track and Field Mr. Geary
Ice Hockey Mr. Grenier
Golf Mr. MacIsaac