Programs and Services Information

As part of BC grad requirements, all students are required to participate in daily physical activity. Gr.10 students satisfy this requirement through the prescribed PE 10 course. Gr.11 &12 students can also fulfill this requirement by taking a PE, Dance or Health & Fitness course. Other students need to keep a log of their physical activities to be turned in by the end of each school year.  Gr.12 students record their DPA as part of the Graduation Transitions package.

The Course Calendar outlines all courses offered at SSS. Students are to study this booklet (on-line or paper) and discuss their potential course selections with their teachers, counsellors and parents. A course selection form with final selections, must be completed by all students. This is a down-loadable form.  Students are urged to check Post Secondary Entrance requirements when selecting courses.

This selection phase is of utmost importance as the tallies gathered from the students' choices determine the classes offered for the next year. Every effort is made to enable student's to get their chosen courses, however due to timetable constraints sometimes alternate course selections are used.

Counsellors are available on an appointment basis. Students are assigned to Counsellors alphabetically. Please email your Counsellor to set up an appointment.

The Career Centre is located in room D103 and is a valuable source of career and post-secondary information for all students. A centre where students, parents & teachers can access post-secondary, scholarship, work experience and other sources of career-related planning information, our Career Advisor is available to assist with career searches and address queries.

Students are able to earn credit for accomplishments outside of the regular classroom setting. Examples: Young Drivers Certificate, Bronze Cross, Royal Conservatory of Music, BC Rep Sports Teams. For a full list of creditable activities and the specific requirements necessary to be granted external credits, please refer to the Ministry website: 

This is a career program that has established agreements to enable a number of students to make a smooth transition between Sardis Secondary and the apprenticeship system. For further information check the Apprenticeship section of the website and/or contact the Program Coordinator at 604-798-0797. Entry to this program requires prior approval.

This is a joint venture with the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and the Industry Training Authority (ITA) and SSS to enable students to complete the first half of the BC Welding 'C' ticket at SSS. In the 2nd semester of their grade 12 year, these students attend the UFV Welding Program to complete their ticket. As well as achieving a Welding 'C' ticket, upon completion, the student will earn 16 credits towards their high school Grad Requirements.  There are limited spaces at UFV, so in order to be eligible for a spot in the UFV program, students must have excellent attendance and work habits in all of their courses.

Work Experience Programs provide an opportunity for students to acquire a broad overview of particular options in academic, vocational and technical fields. A complete listing of these programs can be found on our website at Work Experience.

Students attending Sardis Secondary may enrol in Fraser Valley Distance Education School courses. Reasons for such enrolment may include: a timetable conflict that restricts course choice; a prerequisite course that has been failed; an extra course is desired; a desire to develop individualized learning skills; a course "match" is not possible due to transfer between schools, personal or attendance concerns. Students are advised to meet with their counsellor to determine whether a correspondence on-line course will meet their needs.

China: SSS has a unique partnership with Nankai High School in Tianjin, China. Each year a group of Chinese students spend a few weeks attending SSS, billeted in homes of our students. During spring break a group of our students visit China and are billeted in Chinese homes in Tianjin. The trip also includes a stay in Beijing. Contact the office for more details. 
German and French Language exchanges: refer to one of our language teachers for further information.
Project Help Mexico and Costa Rica: contact the office for information.