Post Secondary Programs

Sardis Secondary graduates who wish to continue their education may choose from a variety of institutions and programs in B.C. and elsewhere. Students should be aware that meeting the high school graduation requirements does not guarantee that they have met the entrance requirements to post-secondary programs. Therefore, it is very important in planning their grade 11 and 12 years that students research the general entrance requirements of each post secondary institution that they are interested in attending. Students must also be aware of specific program and faculty requirements. Requirements change from year to year and we recommend that students check the website of the PSIs that they are interested in, consult with the Career Advisor, or speak with their Counsellor when selecting courses for grade 11 and 12. Check for more information and resources. Check out


B.C. offers opportunities for academic study in a wide variety of disciplines (degree and post-degree). Students interested in attending any of these schools should consult the appropriate website and university calendar:

There is now a University or Regional College in many cities and towns throughout B.C. Most Sardis students, who go to a PSI, go to the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). The regional universities and colleges offer a variety of opportunities:

  • Bachelor's Degree Programs (4 year) - complete undergraduate Degree in a particular field of study.
  • University transfer programs - 1 or 2 years at the local college or university and then 2 to 3 years at a another university to complete the requirements for a Bachelor Degree. (e.g. Engineering Transfer to UBC/UVic)
  • Diploma programs (2 years) and Certificate programs (up to 1 year) as well as Apprenticeship Programs -- offer direct job training in a particular field. Diplomas can often "ladder" into Degree programs while Certificates provide job-market ready skills.

You should check University and College websites and calendars for information on what they offer and for transferability to other institutions. (See


B.C. Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Burnaby is a local example of a Technical Institute. BCIT offers Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in hundreds of technical and trades programs. BCIT provides many opportunities, such as open house and information nights, for students to see first hand what they offer. Check out their website -


Other Canadian universities and colleges usually accept B.C. secondary school graduates. Students should consult university websites and/or specific calendars for entrance requirements.

Sat (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

US post-secondary schools require the SAT to meet entrance requirements.  Also, student-athletes intending to compete in NCAA Division I and II post-secondary sports require SAT scores for eligibility.  Also, some Canadian universities (SFU) compete in NCAA competition, and therefore also require SAT scores.  Sardis Secondary not only offers courses (see university Prep English and Math) that help prepare for the SAT, but SSS is also an official SAT EXAM SITE, and students can register and pay online to write their exam at - the site code is 94328.  Students need to check the College Board website for registration deadlines and exam session dates - an exam is offered in November, December, January, May and June at the SSS site.  Students can check with their counselor for further information.


Students are required to submit their transcripts to post-secondary schools. In order to do so, students must complete their PSI choices form online at through their student secure website. Students must log in to their account on the secure website to complete their PSI form, check provincial exam results, and view their unofficial transcript to make sure the information being sent to post secondaries is accurate. See your counsellor if you have concerns. Attend a Post Secondary 101 session to help you with this – these will be offered during exam week in February 2016.


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