Grad Requirements & Course Information

Grad Requirements & Course Info



52 required credits:
- a Language Arts 10 (4 credits)*
- a Language Arts 11 (4 credits)*
- a Language Arts 12 (4 credits)*
- Social Studies 10 (4 credits)
- Social Studies 11, or equivalent (4 credits) *
- Science 10 (4 credits)*
- a Science 11 (4 credits)*
- Mathematics 10 (4 credits)*
- a Mathematics 11 (4 credits)*
- Physical Education 10 (4 credits)
- A Fine Arts or Applied Skills course (4 credits)*
- Planning 10 (4 credits)
- Graduation Transitions (4 credits)
                                                                   * one from a number of course options

28 elective credits:
An unlimited number of credits from board authorized or post-secondary electives may count toward graduation.
A minimum of 16 credits at the Grade 12 level required.

Most Grade 11 elective courses satisfy this requirement. Please ask a counsellor if in doubt about a specific course.

Students who graduate with a regular BC Dogwood Diploma must complete the Graduation Transitions Portfolio. GT is to be completed by Grade 12 students outside the timetable, with the guidance of their counsellor. This portfolio has 3 modules:

  • Personal Health – maintain a personal health plan and participate in 100 hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity, throughout grade 11 & 12.
  • Community Connections – participate in a minimum of 30 hours of work experience and/or community service and describe what was learned.
  • Career and Life – complete a transition plan and present significant accomplishments in an exit interview.

Students complete GT on  Completion of GT is reported as RM (requirements met) versus a percent & letter grade.  Four credits are assigned once completed.


Grade 12

  • All students, except those on the Adult Dogwood Program, must write a Language Arts Provincial Final Exam (either English 12 or Communications 12).
  • Provincial Exam marks count for 40% of the final grade (except for BC First Nations 12 which is 20%).


  • Basic eligibility: citizen or permanent resident of Canada, and resident of BC

BC Excellence Scholarships

  • $5000 scholarship awarded to 55 students, recognizing well-rounded graduates.  Each school in BC nominates one graduating student

BC Achievement Scholarships

  • $1250 scholarship awarded by the Ministry to 3000 graduating students recognizing broad achievement in grad requirements
  • Recipients determined on achievement in grades 10, 11 & 12 courses within the grad program (including electives)
  • Recipients must achieve at least 73% final in Language Arts 12


AP courses are usually taken in Grade 12 and are taken either concurrently with the 12 level Ministry course, in a 'combo' format, or following completion of the 12 level Ministry course. Students have the option to write the AP examination in May at a cost of $100 - $115. The courses are 1st year university level in content. Reasons to take AP:
1. They are challenging and provide enrichment to the regular program.
2. Since they conform to international standards, some post-secondary institutions prefer their applicants to take AP courses.
3. Because they are 1st year university level courses, students completing them find the transition to first year post-secondary workload easier. Note: since AP courses require considerable extra effort, they should only be taken by those who have a keen interest in and ability for the subject. For more information, see your school counsellor or current teachers. AP courses are offered for Calculus AB, Chemistry, Computer Science (Java), English Literature & Composition, Psychology, and United States History.

Dual Credit Courses are those that can count towards graduation and also towards a degree or diploma at the university (UFV) - for more information click here.  UFV provides an opportunity to take courses at UFV while completing grade 12 at Sardis Secondary. Why?

  • It provides a smooth transition for students moving from high school to university
  • It jump starts university education while students complete high school
  • Students receive high school credits for their university course (duel credit)
  • Students get to explore career options and educational pathways
  • Cost to student is a $45 application fee

Talk to your counsellor during course planning time to see if this opportunity is right for you. Recommendation from SSS is required prior to being accepted by UFV.  Concurrent Studies students may be eligible (depending on recommendation and prerequisites) for one course per semester outside the school timetable.
Deadline for applying to UFV for concurrent studies is May 31st – late applications will not be accepted. See your counsellor for a registration package. Further Information on Concurrent Studies at UFV: