COVID Learning Options

The BC Ministry of Education Return to School Phase 2 plan requires that schools deliver courses and curriculum in a 100% face-to-face model.  Given the constraints and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe this model provides the best opportunity for the safety of students and staff, while simultaneously maximizing learning, access to all courses required to support post-secondary goals and the ease of transition if there is a changeover to a Phase 3 model that would include online learning.  The current expectation for teaching staff is to focus and support in-class instruction first and foremost while in the Phase 2 model.  It would be unrealistic for teaching staff to teach classes throughout the entire school day, and then add on a new requirement to replicate all work & learning outcomes for students who are now working from home; however, staff will do what they can, as best they can, considering each situation and Ministry of Education's Curricular Competencies of the course.

For families/students that are inquiring or considering not attending Sardis Secondary an Octet(s), a Learn from Home Distance Learning option is available with limited support from the school.  For further information, please refer to the 2020-21 At-Home Learners Support Plan below.  For further questions, please contact your child's Counselor or Vice-Principal for more detail.

Access to Sardis Secondary

As a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to support the safety of the public and our employees, Sardis Secondary is temporarily closed to public walk-ins.

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Communication with Staff

Students & parents are encouraged to communicate with staff via email using the staff list on our website at  If you have a general question, comment or concern, please email and it will be redirected to the corresponding staff member. 

For financial enquiries and student accounts please email the Business Manager at

If you need to connect with your Vice Principal please email them at:

Jeff Dartnell ( - students last names beginning with A-G 
Lisa Ego ( - students last names beginning with H-Po
Cheryl Lightle ( - students last names beginning with Pr-Z

Access to Student Lockers

It may be necessary for students to access learning materials from their lockers as teachers establish plans for the continuity of learning.  A process for access to learning materials was emailed to all families, Tuesday, March 30th.  Please email your Vice Principal.

Grad Activities

As this pandemic unfolds, events such as prom and graduation ceremonies are on "hold."  We will wait to see how our collective efforts slow down the transmission of the virus and for all of the provincial orders to be lifted before we start planning for these events in the future.

I Wear A Mask For...

Sardis Secondary students share who they wear a mask for, in order to keep their loved ones, friends and families safe.


The health and safety of Sardis Secondary is a shared responsibility.  We must take thoughtful and persistent steps to take care of ourselves, each other, and our school.  If we all do our part and take precautionary measures, we work together to create a safer and healthier Sardis community.

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