Sardis Secondary School Agriculture

Here is what people are saying about being part of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.


"My wife and I have really enjoyed being a part of the CSA this year. Not only is it great to get vegetables locally grown by students every week, we eat a lot of different vegetables we wouldn't normally eat. The students do an amazing job and explain what everything is and how to use it when I pick up the bins!"

"We have so enjoyed the fresh veggies each week and the variety has allowed for some great menus in our home!"

"Wow! This was my first year signing up for your  veg box and I couldn’t be more happy! I was blown away by all the product I received every week as well as the quality and the variety was excellent. I have lots of veg in my freezer prepped and ready to go for my winter cooking."

"...your selection was fantastic, well rounded and that it's a wonderful way to discover new foods. Always fresh and delicious!"


Click here to find out about course offerings including the SSS Farm Summer Learning Course.


The Agriculture Program has been a part of Sardis Secondary School for over three decades. At this time the Agriculture teachers began growing flowering plants with the students and started the Annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale. Thirty years later we are still growing amazing plants with a modernized approach to growing. In the last decade the greenhouse program has expanded to include a vegetable crop. This is a program that focuses on place-based learning of material with the ability for students to gain practical experiences for the workplace while learning about some of BC GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In the last five years the current Agriculture teachers have been working on expanding the program to a 5 acre farm, the Sardis Secondary School Farm (SSSF). At the farm students grow over 30 different vegetables with many varieties of each, all of which are sold in a Community Supported Agricultures (CSA) program and to the school food programs. In 2016 the SSSF began the introduction of the School Community Gardens (SCG) – Plots of Learning; A Place to Grow.  This will be our second year of our CSA and we are very excited about it and about the SCG beginning.

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